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Buxted Horticultural Society

St Mary’s Church Hall
Church Road
East Sussex
TN22 4LP

Contact: 01825 732989
2022 Membership Fees
  • £4.00 Single
  • £5.00 Couples
  • £6.00 Family (Max 5 Members)
Registered at Cortina TN22 4JZ

Committee Members:

Lisa Ayling
Sheila Bartholomew
Kirsten Brown
Linda Churnside
Sue Pearson
Stephen Povey
Karin Freer
Victoria Taberman-Pichler
Sarah Ferguson

Officers: Elected at the 2021

AGMChairman - Linda Churnside
Vice-Chairman - vacant
Treasurer - Stephen Povey
Show Secretary - Lisa Ayling
Membership Secretary - Lisa Ayling
Secretary - Kirsten Brown
Shows & Events Administrator - Linda Churnside

Membership contact
2021 Membership Fees
£4.00 Single
£5.50 Couples

Show Secretary contact
Showing is open to residents of Buxted and the surrounding villages